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Cervenka obecna / Robin

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Ivan Miksik
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Exposure compensation
- 1/3 EV
Exposure Time
1/125 s
Focal Length
40 mm
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Date Time of Original
2008:10:11 10:24:23

1 comment

  • Oishe - Monday 6 October 2014 08:31
    I have not seen a Redstart. We have Robins, but they are larger, and must be a dieenrfft species. The males are more colorful. Right now we have so many very, very large blackbirds. Didn't dare let my little poodle outside one day. And, I saw my first vulture, actually two of them in my neighbors yard. One vulture was eating a rabbit or squirrel, while the other stood off a distance away. I let my 8-lb white poodle out the front door to do his business. He would have barked an they were so much bigger than Archie. But, what was interesting was 3-4 hours after they finished and left, my husband came home and took Archie out the back door. He growled, barked the most soulful howl. He didn't see the birds, but he smelled death. He growled and howled during the evening. Have never seen him so upset. He barked for days at the neighbors yard, but didn't venture over. It's amazing what animals sense and smell.Enjoyed the post. See, you are opening my eyes to things I've forgotten about and I'm watching. Not so many butterflies, but some coming through.Pat